Lukaku’s price tag makes him too risky for Toffees

Lukaku's price tag makes him too risky for Toffees
Everton may be priced out of a move for Romelu Lukaku. Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The biggest off-season question for Everton is what to do about Romelu Lukaku. Many Evertonians would like to see the club buy the Chelsea forward outright. Others would like to see him return on loan. There is a third option though and it is one that many do not wish to think about.

Roberto Martinez should move away from trying to bring Lukaku to Goodison Park permanently. A combination of his ability and price means Everton are better off looking elsewhere for a new striker.

Despite the Belgian’s ability, he isn’t a long-term fit at Everton.

Lukaku’s ability may be the biggest concern. Yes, he can score there is no doubting it. The problem is that he doesn’t excel at a lot of the other things a striker is expected to do. His first touch is often poor, he isn’t always interested in defensive responsibilities, and often he goes missing from the game.

The common rebuttal is that Lukaku is still young and growing, but there are limits to this. The defensive bit can be taught, but it is hard for a player to improve his touch at this stage of his career. It is a risk to assume there will be much improvement here.

Ultimately all of Lukaku’s problems come down to a bigger issue, price. The rumour is Chelsea want at least £25 million for the Belgian. For that price Lukaku is too raw, too much of a project, especially for Everton.

That money could be spent on two or three quality players – men Roberto Martinez will desperately need for a season that includes a European campaign.

The decision will be difficult for Martinez. There is no doubt that the Spaniard will talk with his counterpart at Chelsea, but the negotiations will be key.

Getting that price tag down below £20 million is the best chance Everton have at securing Lukaku’s services. Then the risk might actually be worth it.