Fazed by taking on Chelsea? Nigel Pearson says fighting Premier League survival…

It worked. And it had to. If Carlisle United had not beaten Plymouth Argyle in 1999 with an injury-time winner famously scored by the on-loan goalkeeper, Jimmy Glass, they would have sunk into the Conference, perhaps never to be seen again in league football.

After such an experience so early in his career, perhaps it is easy to understand why he has a certain unfazed and unflustered approach to his trip with newly promoted Leicester City to Chelsea tomorrow, even though there has been much hype surrounding the devastating new capabilities of Jose Mourinho’s side.

”Actually, I think I was always like that as a player, too,” said Pearson, the Premier League boss who is so determined not to be consumed by the madhouse nature of the game these days that – shock, horror – he sometimes takes the train into work.

”I captained all the clubs I played for and I might seem calm on the outside. But I’m not always on the inside. But the one thing I want now we are in the Premier League is for our players to enjoy the challenge. I don’t want them to go into games fearing anything.

”We’re one of the new clubs in the Premier League. We’re not naïve. We know that things are different this season.

”We have quality within the sqaud. It may not be able to compete week in, week out with the top sides. But is important that we retain fundamentally what we are about.”