Ex-Chelsea LEGEND Frank Lampard prepared to stay at Manchester City

“It is not my place to say when I should go to New York”

Frank Lampard

”It is not my place to say when I should go to New York.

”Obviously it would be a club decision, first and foremost, anyway.

”Of course I will leave it to the powers that be.

”I will train and play as well as I can and the rest is up to the club.”

New York City are due to start their pre-season in mid-January, but because he is expected to be playing regularly Lampard will not have to be there for that.

He is likely to fly out to America in mid-February when Toure returns, but the Premier League club have not ruled out extending his loan deal even further.

After 13 years at Chelsea, Lampard admitted it was a test to come to a new club.

He added: ”I was very much in a comfort zone at Chelsea.

”I worked at Chelsea for 13 years, trained there, played there, and now it is different.

”It is good to test yourself in life.

”It was a tester for me to come here. I didn’t have to make this decision. But it was a very good opportunity for me to train and display at this level.”