Chelsea News: Mourinho’s pre-match ritual, Costa to see out contract, Hazard swap deal

Jose Mourinho has given some insight into his pre-match ritual… and it’s a bit different to what you might have expected.

“I like to be in my little office at Stamford Bridge, lying there, watching a movie on my iPad,” Mourinho said. ”I hate it when the guy knocks on the door and tells you to come for the [television] interview.

“I like to be there, not in the dressing room, but there [in my office] waiting for the game – I like to watch TV series box sets. I’m always waiting for a new episode to come.

“At that time the players are warming up or they are in the dressing room. The assistants take care of the players and I have nothing to do in that period.

“Sometimes the television is on and if we play the late game, then at 5pm I want to see other results.”