Chelsea ace Cesc Fabregas labels Mourinho the "most competitive coach I’ve ever had"

”We just have to play as well as last season and I am sure we will win stuff.”

Fabregas feels that at 28 he is now at his peak to cope with what is ”a big season in front of me and Chelsea.”

”We are our own biggest threat,” he admitted. ”We are playing against ourselves in terms of being better than last year.

”There are four or five teams who could maybe win the league, but we all want to do better. If we can do that we have a big chance to retain the title.”

And, he said, it won’t be for want of trying if his manager has anything to do with it.

”He is tough and he is definitely up there with the best of them. He demands the best every day and is the most competitive coach I’ve ever had,” Fabregas added.